Work Life Balance Tips for Entrepreneurs

13 October, 2016

moonlighting.jpgThe promise of a better work life balance is one of the main reasons most entrepreneurs want to be their own bosses in the first place. Of course the irony is, virtually every new business owner soon finds themselves overwhelmed by a to-do list that’s infinitely longer than they could have ever imagined. Today, we look at a few helpful tips business owners can utilize to make sure they maintain the healthy work life balance necessary to avoid entrepreneurial burnout.

  • Schedule Your Downtime – If you’re running a business, you are hopefully using some sort of scheduling tool to block out your various business responsibilities. But what about your responsibility to yourself and your loved ones? Be sure to add your non-work-related activities to your schedule as well. Then, treat them with the same importance as you would a meeting with a current client or new business contact.
  • Delegate, Delegate, Delegate – You can’t do it all. No one can. Remember that you hired your staff for a reason. So stop micromanaging them and start letting them spread their wings. They’ll grow into more effective employees and you’ll get the downtime you need to more effectively manage your business.
  • Prioritize – Have a million things to do? Start with the things that actually need to get done right now. Then, put the rest on the backburner. Once you realize the sky isn’t falling if you don’t get everything done right away, it makes it easier to prioritize moving forward. Not to mention, focusing on fewer tasks within each specific day allows you to put more time and energy towards those tasks, thus completing them more effectively.
  • Set Boundaries – If you’re running a small to midsize business, providing exceptional customer service is, of course, important. However, setting the expectation that you are always on call 24/7 to provide that customer service is unhealthy. Set reasonable office hours with your clients at the outset and stick to them.
  • Put the Phone Down – Finally make it home to spend some time with your loved ones? Make sure you aren’t spending half of that time on your phone fielding calls and answering emails. Instead turn your phone off for set periods of time, or better still, pick a cutoff time each evening after which you won’t respond to calls or emails.
  • Give Yourself a Break – Want to maintain your focus throughout the day? Make sure you give yourself a break from time to time whether it’s to call your spouse, take care of personal business or exercise/meditate.
  • Give Yourself an Energy Boost – No, we don’t mean grab yet another cup of coffee. Instead, make an effort to exercise regularly, eat healthy and get enough sleep. Once you do, you’ll find you have more energy to complete your daily tasks – be they work related or personal in nature.
  • Get Away – Everyone needs downtime … even entrepreneurs. Make sure you take a vacation from time to time to spend time with loved ones and recharge your batteries. You’ll be a better business owner when you return.

Remember that very few deathbed confessions begin with, “I wish I’d worked harder.” The reality is that overworking often leads to serious health problems that in the end will negatively impact you, your loved ones and your business. So make sure you set aside time for yourself!


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