Fund an Online Video with a Merchant Cash Advance

13 April, 2016

video shootAccording to, 90 percent of online shoppers say they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. But many small businesses don’t have the cash on hand to produce a quality video; that’s where a merchant cash advance from Rapid Capital Funding (RCF) can help. We’ll work with you to get the working capital you need to create a video that will help make shoppers into buyers.

To help you get the best bang for your buck, RCF looks at what you may want to put in your video and how effective these videos can be.

The experts at Tar Productions have put together 10 reasons that all small businesses need video marketing, with their number one reason being to help your customers understand what you’re offering. With nearly 70 percent of adults buying online at least monthly, the added value of you selling your goods or services face-to-face to customers goes by the wayside. A video will allow you to show and explain how a product works just like at your brick-and-mortar location — giving the buying experience the human touch online shopping lacks.

Don’t worry about demographics when it comes to putting a video on your site. Internet users age 35 to 44 and 45 to 54 are just as likely to view video content as those age 18 to 24. No matter if you switch target audiences, your video will ring true with both young and old audiences alike.

The numbers on how well these types of videos help sales are incredible. Let’s take a look at how effective they are:

  • 64 percent of website visitors are more likely to buy a product online at a retail site after watching a video.
  • states 100 million internet users watch videos each day.
  • Using the word “video” in the subject line of an email increases the open rate by 19 percent.
  • There was a 51 percent increase in subscriber-to-lead conversion rates when a video was part of an email marketing campaign.
  • Visitors who view videos stay on the site an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos.

Those numbers don’t lie; videos are impactful, effective and a must for small business owners. For information on how you can get a merchant cash advance to help with your video production, visit for an online application to get the merchant cash advance process started today.


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