The Top Social Trends You Should Know

Posted by Brooke Tajer
13 May, 2016

social mediaDeveloping a social media presence for your business is not as simple as setting up a Facebook or Twitter account and then hoping for the best. If you want your social networking efforts to yield results, it is absolutely imperative you develop a strong social media marketing strategy from the get-go. Failure to effectively plan your social networking efforts will result not only in diminished ROI, but could make your business look like you are running behind the times. To ensure your social media marketing strategy is optimized for success in 2016, here are a few social networking trends you need to be aware of:

Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing is crucial in 2016. From live broadcasts on Periscope to speedy replies on Twitter, today's consumer expects real-time interactions from the brands they follow. Building real-time interactions into your social strategy is essential if you want to grow your following and increase your marketing ROI.

Social Spending

Social spending capabilities need to be incorporated into your social marketing strategy in 2016. Consumers want to be able to purchase directly from your Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Twitter feeds. If you want to get up to speed with 2016 trends, social commerce integrations are a must.

Live  Video

With companies like Facebook and Google ramping up their efforts in the live video sector, growth-focused business owners are advised to follow suit. Your brand needs to have a solid live video strategy including content creation and distribution. Know which departments are responsible for creating live video, the tools your team plans to use and how you intend to distribute your creations across multiple networks.

Developing a social media strategy only works if you are basing your intentions upon current trends. If your social strategy revolves around optimizing your MySpace profile, you might as well not even start. Will your team take the following trends into account when planning your 2016 social media marketing strategy?


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