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21 December, 2015

Small Business MarketingYour Grandma bakes the best homemade cookies in town, so good that she has been crowned winner in every county fair and baking competition she’s entered in the last century. Now, with a desire to retire her apron and bequeath her baking legacy, she has passed her antique baking tools and recipe book right past all your great-aunts and first cousins, and into your hands. You’re the Mark Cuban to her Betty Crocker with the perfect opportunity to make a dynasty from her domestic dreams by opening a storefront bakery that features her very best morsels. But, what’s an amazing opportunity without preparation? The answer is what differentiates a dream from a business. To start on a smart path, here are a few introductory tips from Rapid Capital Funding:

What’s in a name? You could be a bit too close to the situation to think of a viable name for your small business, so you might want to hire a company that specializes in naming businesses. However, don’t do a long, drawn-out study – simply spend a few hours brainstorming with a naming expert to find the perfect name to do your Grandma’s cookies proud.

Business Cards for Small Businesses: They might seem dated, but business cards are a must-have for a newer business because it gives your customer base something to hand a family member or friend when they inquire about your small business.

Always open. A website is the perfect place for a customer to learn what you’re all about. One of the best parts about having a digital presence is your website is available day or night to anyone with a sweet tooth and internet connection. This is the one place where you want to create a customer experience that is so good they’ll want them to visit your brick and mortar location during business hours. If you’re a straight e-commerce business, offer a secure, easy to use ordering and checkout experience that will keep your guests coming back for more.

Keep it local, to start. You want to create a loyal following, and the easiest way to do that is tap into customers that are within a certain distance of your bakery, or ramp up production for those who have had the pleasure of sampling one of your grandma’s cookies in the past. Once you have a measurable and loyal base, you can explore the options of scaling and expansion.

There are a number of services available that will accommodate your marketing budget. If you’re going to do the marketing yourself, be sure to conduct extensive research on the latest trends, and the tried-and-true methods of businesses in your industry, so that you’ll have the best of both worlds at your disposal. If what you’re trying isn’t working, don’t be afraid to make a change and try something different.

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