Fund Your Spring Cleaning with a Merchant Cash Advance

11 March, 2016

merchant cash advanceThe birds are chirping as the smell of budding flowers fills the air and old man winter is pushed out by the renewal of spring. This is a great time to bring that same sense of renewal to your business by using a merchant cash advance from Rapid Capital Funding (RCF) to fund your spring-cleaning plans.

If you don’t have plans to do any spring-cleaning, let us offer a few suggestions that might make you reconsider staying status quo. Our tips for spring-cleaning are a lot more than grabbing a mop and a bucket; we’re talking about making your business more efficient and, hopefully, more profitable.

Pay those bills. Any business can run into cash flow issues, but you want to stay current on your bills. Nothing good can come from having an angry vendor start the collection process on you and your business. We at RCF work with small and medium-sized business owners to get them the working capital they need for any business purpose, including paying off invoices.

Ask for payment. Spring is the perfect time to dust off your accounts receivable book or spreadsheet and inquire about past due accounts, according to Inc. It’s well within your rights to ask for any money you’re due, especially for those accounts that are more than 90 days overdue. If you have a number of outstanding accounts over three months past due, it may be time to reevaluate how you bill your customers.

Time to organize those receipts. Much like fresh daisies, another sure sign of spring is tax day. Depending on how you file your business receipts, you’ll want to gather all receipts early so you’re prepared for tax day. H&R Block offers a checklist that gives small business owners an idea of what to bring when they meet with their tax professional.

Inventory checkup and check out. A change of season means a change in inventory. Time to put away the boots and pull out the flip-flops. But at RCF, we understand you might not have the cash on-hand to carry two seasons worth of stock. Consider having a close out sale to move old stock, or get a merchant cash advance from RCF so you can buy time to get the right price for those boots, or put them in back stock until next season.

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