Buy Local Is More Than Just A Bumper Sticker

4 January, 2016

buy local“Buy Local” has been shouted from the rooftops of mom and pop storefronts for years, but the cries have gotten louder – permeating more industries – and become the way to do business, rather than just a clever marketing slogan.

So why has the idea caught on so much in recent years? There have been numerous studies that show a significant amount of the money you spend locally will stay local and, in turn, help out businesses like yours. The benefits are bountiful, here are some more:

Reducing your footprint — If a good or product travels less to your business, it means you’ve helped cut down on sprawl, traffic, and pollution.

Be a boss - Did you know small business owners are the largest employers as a whole in the United States? Hiring locals helps strengthen the community and adds more consumers, i.e. your employees, who will keep a majority of their income local.

Community - Box stores don’t build the character of a city or town, one-of-a-kind businesses do. Those same businesses can help boost tourism by bringing in people that want a unique experience they can’t get at home.

Broaden your customers’ horizons - The folks at Sustainable Connections explain that a marketplace of thousands of small businesses ensures innovation and low prices over the long-term. With small business owners selecting products in the interests and needs of their local customers, and not a national sales plan, it guarantees a much broader range of product choices for people to chose from.

Business Center - Taxes are affected when there is more efficient land use and a central business district that puts less demand on the infrastructure. Taxes are lower because there is less need for repair or replacement of things like roads and sewers.

Get involved - Local ownership of businesses means residents with roots in the community are involved in key development decisions through voting, attending meetings and being part of groups that shape our lives and the local business environment.

The reports are proof positive that when you buy local it helps strengthen the local community by keeping money in the area. In addition, people are loyal to those who buy from them, so you may see an increase in patronage from local business owners who want to return the favor by buying goods or services from you.


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