How To Recover From A Social Media Disaster

Posted by Maisey Short
29 July, 2016

453532787-300x232.jpgHas anyone on your team ever posted content that was inappropriate or hurtful to your business? Well you are not alone! Many organizations go through social media blunders at one point or another. The main concern you should have is how you are going to react to the problem. Take a look at these tips to help you survive the aftermath of a social media disaster:

Take Action

Delete, delete, delete! The first thing to do when you encounter a social media failure is to remove the evidence from the site ASAP. This will help to decrease the amount of users who see the post. However, in today’s technological age, screen shots are a very common occurrence. That is why you have to take responsibility for the mistake even if you remove the post. It took US Airways an hour before they realized their social media mistake. CAN YOU ELABORATE HERE ON THE BLUNDER YOU REFERENCED? That is why fast action is best when it comes to social media.

Acknowledge the Problem

Once the post has been taken down, you have to analyze the situation. Take a step back and determine what effect it had on society and what you can do to minimize the recent exposure. Since the post is in cyber space already, you can’t ignore what happened. Look at Coca Cola for example, they posted an outdated map on social media and now many Russians are upset. It may be your initial reaction to rush and tweet out a “we’re sorry” post, but don’t. Instead, deliver a sincere and well thought out apology that shows your followers that you understand the mistake and are trying to make up for the wrong or hurtful action. A sincere apology will benefit your company in the long run.

Have a Policy

In order to prevent a social media mistake from happening again or initially, having a plan of action in place is important. Make it a priority to determine who gets access to passwords and who is authorized to post on the business site. In order to catch inappropriate posts, you can opt for a system that filters content through multiple employees before the tweets and photos are allowed to go out on social media. This also helps stop accidental personal posts from employees on the wrong account. By creating a plan of action, social media mistakes are a little less hazardous. Consider websites such as HubSpot and SproutSocial which are good social media tools to help organize posts before any mistakes are made.

Ignore Trolls

Responding to negative reviews are always tempting since you want to show users that your business is performing well. However, you do not want to engage with social media trolls. These people are only trying to hurt your reputation by posting poor reviews. Ninety-six percent of people that talk about your brand do not even follow you. While some unsatisfied customers may come up, it is important to address problems directly on your site. You should not go to other sites and leave comments since this is what the trolls want. Instead, you should defend yourself on your own website or social media sites. It is recommended that you respond in a general format and not call any specific user out by name. You will see that when confronted with negativity, loyal fans are typically more than willing to address the issue and bring positive light to your situation as well.

Rebuild your image

A social media mistake will not be the end of your business, trust the examples of other companies like Starbucks. Statistics say that 77% of users feel more positive about the brand when their post is replied to. With that in mind, know that the important thing is to rebuild your business with a positive light. Focus on what your company does well and promote it. Surviving a social media disaster can be tedious, but it can be done!


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