A Perfect Pair

23 March, 2016

merchant cash advanceImagine having to pay out of pocket for everything you need to do your job, and not seeing a dime of ROI until the job is complete. That idea may sound preposterous if you work in a traditional field like nursing or retail, but for small business owners like Justin McGlocklin, it’s the way business is done.

McGlocklin is the owner of A Perfect Finish Concrete –a company that specializes in concrete contracting service, repairs and maintenance. He explains that in most skilled-labor trades like concrete contracting, you don’t get your funds until the job is signed off on. That also means that the cost of supplies and labor come directly out-of-pocket.

“You need to have money in-hand to even bid on a job,” said McGlocklin. “That’s where you guys (Rapid Capital Funding) come in.”

McGlocklin recalls the first time he received a call from Rapid Capital Funding (RCF) after filling out a form on the RCF website. McGlocklin has received two advances so far, because the working capital has helped his business prosper. Because of his satisfaction with the process, he said he is contemplating a third when the time is right.

“The first advance put me three months ahead of where I should be in my business plan,” McGlocklin explains. “The second one put me six months ahead of schedule, so I’m nine months ahead of my plan with the help of RCF.”

Since receiving working capital from Rapid Capital Funding, A Perfect Finish Concrete, has been able to make bigger bids on better-paying jobs. The advances also keep McGlocklin’s crew employed with steady work and lowered attrition because they are getting a solid paycheck.

Rapid Capital is dedicated to helping small business, like McGlocklin’s and many others, move forward and grow.  The progress McGlocklin’s business has made is proof positive.

“Everyone (at RCF) has been very friendly and nice and always seem to be working to better my company, just not to make a profit,” he said. “I would definitely keep[using] and recommending you guys.”


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