8 Tips for Creating an Effective Company Culture

20 October, 2016

People Together-1.jpgSo, you’ve started a small to midsize business… Now, what is that business all about? What are its core values? What is its personality? Whatever your answers to these questions are, they will help you to define your company culture. Here are some tips to help you build the company culture you’ll need to keep your employees engaged and productive.

  1. Lead by Example – Whatever your corporate culture is, you should be the shining example of it. Remember that your employees are watching you. If, for instance, they see you arriving early and staying late, they’ll be more liable to do the same.
  2. Take the Time to Get Hires Correct – Employees with bad attitudes can poison your corporate culture before it has time to develop. Make sure the employees you hire fit the culture you are trying to create.
  3. Get Your Team Out of the Office – Team building and bonding exercises are a great way for your employees to learn how to work together, plus they’re fun. Get your team collaborating together outside of the workplace and you’re bound to find them collaborating more effectively inside of it as well.
  4. Recognize Those Who Exemplify Your Culture – Each of us could use a pat on the back from time to time. Identify those employees within your company who most demonstrate your culture and reward them for it. They’ll feel appreciated and other employees will strive to match their example.
  5. Think About a Dress Code – Whether business formal, casual or somewhere in between, come up with a dress code that fits your particular company culture and implement it.
  6. Listen to Your Employees – Just because it’s your company, that doesn’t mean you should be the only one shaping its culture. After all, any culture is collaborative in nature. Be sure to solicit ideas from your employees as to what they think your, and by extension their company culture is.
  7. Offer Some Perks –Even if it’s small things, giving your employees little incentives and benefits can boost morale and propel your business forward. Remember, happy employees are productive employees.
  8. Embrace Change – Things change. As you grow your business, it’s entirely possible that your vision for a corporate culture will change as well. Don’t be afraid to recognize when it’s time to pivot and switch course.





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