8 Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners

20 May, 2016

hiringHiring the right staff is obviously an important task for any business. For small to midsized businesses, however, it’s doubly important. That’s because smaller businesses, by their nature, have fewer employees. As a result, each hire represents a larger percentage of that business’s total workforce. Here are a few hiring tips to help ensure you assemble the staff you need to make all your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

  1. Institute a Referral Program – One of the easiest ways to attract new employees is to ask employees you value highly for referrals. Consider offering cash rewards to current team members for referrals that lead to new hires.
  2. Leverage Social Media – You never know where your next hire may come from. Update your LinkedIn profile so people know you’re looking. Then get the word out on other social sites like Facebook.
  3. Offer Fair Compensation – Hiring new employees is one thing … keeping them is another. Check out salary websites to ensure you are offering competitive compensation. This will help keep your employees from seeking other, “better” offers.
  4. Train New Employees – Every business is different. Even if your new hire is experienced, you still need to train them as to your specific business and processes.
  5. Don’t Over Hire – Remember, it’s always easier to add employee expenses than to eliminate them. So don’t jump the gun when it comes to taking on additional staff. Make sure you’re ready.
  6. Take Your Time – Hiring the wrong employee, only to have to replace them a short time later, costs you time and money. Take the time to get each hire right. If you’re not entire comfortable with a candidate, keep looking.
  7. Fire Poor Employees – While hiring “slowly” is advisable, so is firing quickly. After a couple months, you should have a good feel for your new hire’s performance. If that performance is not up to snuff, don’t hesitate to make a move. Poor employees can cost you more than just your salary by poisoning your company culture.
  8. Never Stop Recruiting – Small businesses aren’t bogged down by as many HR policies and procedures as bigger businesses. Use that fact to continue to search for quality employees, even if your present “need” to make a change isn’t pressing. That way, when you’re ready to make a move, you’ll already have a candidate in mind.

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