7 Giveaway Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Business

5 January, 2017

7 GIVEAWAY MISTAKES THAT COULD BE HURTING YOUR BUSINESS.jpgGiveaways can go a long way toward building engagement among loyal customers, attract new ones and brand your business, that is, when they go well. However, there’s more to giveaways than just deciding to give something away. Without a clear strategy and careful planning, there’s a risk that your giveaway could end up doing more harm than good for your business

To run a successful one that’s fun, fair and boosts your business, here are seven giveaway mistakes to avoid.

Too Many Hoops
While you want to gather some information and hopefully compile user-generated content through your giveaway, you don’t want to make entering your contest too confusing or time-consuming. People will get frustrated, give up and not come back for future promotions.

Choosing the Wrong Prize
Make sure the prize is valuable enough to your customers that it’s worth their time to enter the contest. Also, make sure it aligns with your goals. While a pricey gadget may attract many entrants, if it has nothing to do with your business, the entrants probably won’t translate into increased followers or business for you. When you do choose a good prize, make sure a clear picture of it is included in promotional materials so people can see what they’re trying to win.

Not Enough Marketing
When you go through the effort of creating a contest, it’s all wasted if you don’t get the word out about it. Use social media channels, create hashtags, send out emails, and promote it in-store with creative, catchy graphics and clear messages.

 Bad Timing
From not running a contest long enough to letting it drag on way too long, the length of a promotion matters. Somewhere between two and four weeks is typically a good length.  Also, be cautious about running a giveaway during a time people are likely to be otherwise busy, such as over holidays.

Not Making It Mobile Friendly
Make sure all of the communications you send out are browser-optimized and that they’re mobile friendly. If customers can’t click and enter on a mobile device, they may not do so at all.

Not Knowing the Rules
Each social media platform has its own set of rules for running a contest on its site. Also, there are state and federal guidelines regarding giveaways that you should familiarize yourself with before launching one.

Missed Opportunities
Make sure you have a clear strategy before launching the contest, so you include means for all of your objectives. Too often businesses forget opportunities, such as encouraging entrants to “like” your Facebook page, or to ask for email addresses that could pay off in the long run.

By avoiding these mistakes, not only will you make the lucky winners happy, but your business will win too.



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