5 Tips for Improving Company Communications

15 March, 2017

5 Tips for Improving Company Communications 

It’s natural to spend a lot of time focusing on how your staff communicates with customers. But your very success as a small business might depend just as much on your internal communication. You don't want a staff working out of sync with your mission and vision.

Improve communications at your company in these five important areas, and you can make a real difference.  

Develop a Clear Mission and Vision

Your mission is a clear statement of why you exist and what it is you do. Your vision, meanwhile, states where you are headed and what you aspire to become. Get these down on paper after gathering your team leaders and members to participate in the related discussion.

Once you've refined your mission and vision down to a few compelling sentences: 

.   Post them in the workplace

.   Place them prominently at the company website

.   Email them to employees

Arrange annual or semi-annual get-togethers with staff to discuss the importance of your mission and vision. Monitor and report on how well you're achieving one and attaining the other.

Give New Employees Tools to Succeed

As adventurous and exciting as it might seem at times, trial-by-fire is not always the best way to introduce new employees to the way you do business. No matter how busy you are, it’s best to offer new hires introductory training from day one that gives them a "crash course" on your company:

.   Best practices

.   Culture

.   Operations and systems

This is the perfect time to emphasize your mission and vision, showing how you infuse it into the daily functioning of your business. It’s also a good time to empower other employees. Incorporate them in the training process and provide your new hire with a mentor from your staff.

Practice Two-Way Communication

Make clear that feedback is a two-way street at your company. Just as you give employees feedback on their performance and achievement against objectives you've set, ask for their thoughts on how to manage better. Encourage fresh thinking and expressing helpful opinions on the direction of the company. 

Create a Company FAQ or Wiki

Now's a good time to get all your internal experts together to hash out helpful answers to questions that arise regarding your company culture, best practices and systems. If you create a company wiki for this purpose, everyone can contribute and enhance the results for the benefit of current and future teams. It also promotes transparency and gives employees a sense that they’re “in the know.”

Establish Regular Internal Communication Processes

Making a habit of internal communications at your company can reduce the time involved while helping teams focus on other matters. Schedule internal communications processes including regular:   

.   Conference calls

.   Newsletters

.   Reviews

Keep your internal communications cutting edge, up-to-date and dynamic using the latest communication technology.


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