5 Proven Leadership Tips for Small Business Owners

Posted by Brooke Tajer
25 January, 2017

5 Proven Leadership Tips for Small Business Owners 

To succeed as a small business owner, you often need to guide your team through choppy waters. Leadership is key to a small business's success. So how do you get there? Focusing on these key areas should help you become the leader you want to be.

 Craft a Compelling Vision and Communicate It Well

Ultimately your team looks to you for a well-thought-out vision that will drive them to be more than they ever thought they could be. The first step is to develop that vision for your company:

.   Where is the company headed?

.   What does it aspire to become?

.   When will it get there?

Make your team see clearly what you want for the future of your company and how they can help you attain it. Help them take partial ownership of your vision. 

Hire Around Your Vision, and Invest In Your Team

Now that you've defined the direction of the company, you need to put people in the critical roles that will help you get there. Use the content of your vision and strategy as you draft descriptions for the job listings to post on hiring sites. 

Collectively, your team is the greatest asset you have for succeeding in your business. Like any valuable asset, you need to invest in them to help you attain success together. Training, rewards, raises and perks might also keep them from jumping ship to rival companies. 

Work With Your Team, Inspiring Confidence

Succeeding in business is about how well your company meets challenges and overcomes them. Demonstrate to your employees that you are willing to do whatever tasks you ask of them, no matter how hard or dirty. Show them that no challenge is too great when you work through them together. 

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Let your staff know the lines of communication are open both ways. You communicate your expectations to them, and they should let you know what obstacles they're encountering. Always ask their perspective on how things might work better to enhance your business.

Rely on Trusted Advisers for Special Skills

No small business owner can know everything about attaining success in a field, much less master all the special skills necessary to keep a company running smoothly. Your stable of trusted advisers should include a:

.   Business attorney for protecting you from liability.

.   Tax adviser and accountant to make sure your books are in order and your taxes are filed correctly.

.   Insurance agent to protect your property, set up employee health insurance, etc.

You will also want to have a business "mentor" to confide in when the going gets tough. Membership in your local chamber of commerce might also put you in contact with other business owners to advise you.


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