5 Event Sponsorship Tips That Will Get Customers to Your Doorstep

20 January, 2017

Event Sponsorship Tips That Will Get Customers to Your DoorstepWhen it comes to event sponsorships, we often think of them as big business and corporate territory. They’re not typically at the top of a small business owner’s list of marketing strategies, but they are to

For one, event sponsorships are a great way to get involved in your community and show support. Sure you can join your local Chamber of Commerce, but this takes your involvement a step further and promotes your image as a community leader and a business that’s interested in partnering with others and giving back. No only that, partnerships can be an effective means of boosting your business.

Here are five event sponsorship tips that can pay off big time for your business:

Choose the Event Carefully

Make sure you choose an event and organization that’s in line with the values of your company and that you’ll be part of a quality event that will leave a positive impression on attendees. You also want to make sure the event’s audience is one to which you want to market. If you sell shoes for women, for example, sponsoring a men’s organization event might not be the best fit.

Know What You Get

Sponsorship typically comes in different tiers — if you’re not the sole sponsor  — and can include everything from signage to tickets to the event (for your employees and customers) and opportunities to speak. Determine your goals and then select your sponsorship level accordingly. Also, find out who the other sponsors are — are they competitors or potential partners with whom you might be able to collaborate?

Make the Most of Marketing Tools

Make sure all of your signage and materials are professional and clearly communicate your brand and messages. Include your website and other contact information for your business wherever you can so people know how to find you after the event. Giveaways, such as balloons, mugs or magnets, can also be a fun way to attract attention and leave attendees with a lasting reminder of your business.

Promote Your Sponsorship

Don’t just promote yourself at the event; promote that you’re going to be sponsoring the event through all of your channels, such as newsletters, blogs and your social media platforms. You want to get the word out about what you’re doing and why.


Measure any tangible results you get from the sponsorship, and evaluate how you did with meeting your goals. Your learnings will help you determine which future sponsorship opportunities are worth it for your business.


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