4 tips for hiring exceptional seasonal talent for your small business

Posted by Brooke Tajer
26 May, 2017

4 Tips for hiring Exceptional, Seasonal Talent

 When it comes to bringing on extra help for your small business, you always want to attract the best talent. After all, your company's reputation and operations could be affected by the temporary staffing decisions you make.

 If you follow just a few simple tips on hiring the right seasonal employees and avoid a few of the bigger pitfalls, you should do all right.

 Ask for Referrals from Staff

Who better to know what kind of help you need, and what type of employees will work out best for your business, than your existing team. You already know your staff is loyal and hard working; they likely know others who fit the same profile. Employee relations at your office will almost certainly be better if you extend out from existing personnel. 

 Offer a bonus to staff for seasonal hires that work out well, or join your company full-time.

Hire from Amongst Your Customers

Your customers know and love you, right? They know your products and services, and they've had considerable contact with your personnel. Letting them know about your seasonal hiring needs could be a bonus because they may end up spending money back into your business. Emphasize the employee discount freely to customers who might want to join you for am abbreviated time and you could be staffed up with eager workers in a jiffy.

 Look at the Retired Community For Qualified Candidates

Retirees can make for excellent employees. They have varied life experience and a ton of flexibility. Their diversity of work experience will help, especially if you have flexible work arrangements. Retired workers might be more likely to come back to you in future years when the college kids you hire this year are making other career plans.

Avoid These Obvious Pitfalls

 Hiring exceptional, temporary employees is not just about doing the right things; it's also about avoiding potential pitfalls. Most of the landmines are legal ones (as might be expected):

  •     Check visa status of possible new hires.
  •     Review overtime rules and state and federal laws that might get triggered by taking on more people.
  •     Take special care if you go the independent contractor route, or are thinking about bringing in volunteers or interns.

The most important thing you can do to improve your chances of snagging exceptional help is to start early and interview until you find the best candidates.

 REMEMBER: Scrambling to hire at the last minute could significantly lower the quality of talent at your disposal.


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