3 Ways to Motivate Seasonal Employees

27 October, 2016

customer loyalty.jpgNow that you've picked all the best seasonal employees you can find, your challenge is keeping them motivating throughout their time with you. The pressure of the season can take its toll over time, dragging down enthusiasm and energy.

Here are a few ways to keep your seasonal staff motivated the entire season.

Train Seasonal Employees in Spurts

If you put your seasonal employees through intense training only at the beginning of the season, you may be subverting your efforts. For one thing, most people just cannot absorb everything you throw at them in intense training sessions. Doing different types of training all at once can mean they learn nothing well enough to excel, moreover. 

Best to break down your training into manageable chunks doled out over time, separating different skill areas where possible. Teach computer skills one week and hospitality the next. Adjust based on how well your new employees seem to be learning and applying what they learn to their work. 

Keep the Perks Coming

A fully-stocked kitchen with fresh brewing coffee, cold beverages, and enticing snacks picks everyone up. Other perks might be industry specific. If you're in the food business, you might have plentiful leftovers to send home with the staff. Work on a mountain? Hand out free ski passes. If you sell clothing, your options are unlimited.

Exclusive contests for seasonal employees, even trivia or game nights, can rev up the collective energy and engage staff with each other. Business-specific competitions can ramp up their ability to serve your customers.

Hold Out the Carrot of Long-term Employment

Many of the people you hire for a season are hoping they might join your company long-term. The idea might grow on others the longer as time goes. Either way, holding out the hope of full-time employment can prompt better work performance while they're with you.

Think of the advantages for you: you've already got important training done, and you have a chance to work with the people you think might make the biggest contribution to your success throughout the year. It's a perfect fit.

If you truly have the intention of hiring from your seasonal employees, announce it upfront and keep reminding them. On the flipside, if the seasonal staff doesn't think they have a chance to join your company they might give you less than their best during the holidays.

As with any member of your team, at any time of the year, a little encouragement goes a long way. Recognition of special skills, performance, or character traits should be made spontaneously (with a purpose) throughout the season.

Expect to see the results in attitude and passion for the work, and your company's success.


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